Protein EVERY meal

This is a great rule to follow when it comes to setting small goals and being self aware. We want to fuel our bodies the best we can, especially when training. Food should be looked at as a fuel source. So, when you set this small rule for yourself it prevents from over eating, snacking on processed junk, and becoming aware of just how much you may be neglecting a very important macronutrient.

Consistency in meals, workouts, hydration and sleep

CONSISTENCY IS KEY! You have definitely heard this before because it is so so true, especially when it comes to weightloss and health. Our bodies need consistent hydration, macro/micronutrients, adequate sleep, and movement. The up and down roller coaster of dieting and training will never give results. Find a routine you love and can stick to...and stick to it!

Avoiding binge drinking/eating on the weekends

I get it. The work week is long and you want to "unwind". However, this could be causing a major speed bump in your progress and overall health. Even if you are consistent Monday-Friday the 2 day bender could be leading to poor sleep quality, dehydration, or calorie surplus which all lead to weight maintenance and/or weight gain. Enjoy a drink or two, but just be aware of the rest of your weekend and stay balanced!

Replacing NOT restricting

Back to the consistency thing, restriction is a big factor in why most people cannot stick to their diet. We always want what we can't have, right? So instead of depriving and saying "no" to "bad foods", let's figure out a way to enjoy those foods and feel satisfied so we don't say F it and go through a drive thru!

Especially in today's day and age, there are so many options out there for substitutions and nutrient dense meals. Instead of pasta, we have Banza chickpea pasta. Instead of Papa Johns pizza, we have cauliflower crust. Instead of ice cream, we have so many options for dairy free or no sugar! Keep enjoying food, but also respect your body at the same time and feel less guilt.

Stocked fridge is key to success

When it comes to planning in life, we have to prep for success. We study for tests, prepare for presentations, fill our cars with gas before a long road trip, and always make sure our bathroom has TP. Having a stocked fridge is just the same. We are absolutely more likely to order in or go out to eat if we have no groceries. Set yourself up for success by planning your meals for the week!

Here is an example of a great habit and routine to get used to:

Every Sunday, go through your fridge and pantry to make a list of things you need for this week. Get plenty of consistent breakfast and lunch ingredients, but keep it simple. Get the same ingredients and find consistency in meals to make healthy eating simple. For dinners, plan which night you are making which meal! Get specific.

  • Monday: Chicken with broccoli and rice
  • Tuesday: Banza pasta with turkey meatballs and red saucee
  • Wednesday: Banza pizza with chicken and vegetable toppings
  • Thursday: Tofu stir fry with coconut aminos and white rice
  • Friday: Lettuce wrap tacos with beans and Right Rice
  • Saturday: Dinner out with friends
  • Sunday: Turkey chili

Getting specific and making sure you have all of the ingredients stocked will leave little room for error and desire to hit up Uber Eats.

Simple and Happy Striving!