Staying motivated can be tough. It usually takes a break up, a move across the country, or a major rock bottom moment to happen in order to get that spark of motivation. I’ve been through all the above and mastered the art of staying motivated enough to keep consistent and see positive change! Ohh but trust me, I’ve also experienced zero motivation from time to time. We are human after all, not superheroes!

Before I dive into ways to improve, let’s first understand that EVERYONE battles with this. Even the most SUCCESSFUL people in the world who seem to not have an off button. Everyone has days they want to call in sick, not workout, just order in food, not get ready…its absolutely normal and you are NOT alone in this. So let’s kick that guilty feeling to the curb and accept you are not wrong for feeling those feelings. Okay now on with it.

Find an accountability partner

Having someone next to you making sure you are sticking to your word, showing up for yourself, and caring for you is a huge way to stay motivated! Not to mention, seeing them progress will psychologically kick that competition instinct in gear and make you want to keep up. Accountability partners could be:

Private Trainers

Friends/Family member


Someone who goes to the gym at the same time as you ever day

Your kids! (They’re always super honest)

Online Trainers



Invest In Your Health

Usually when you spend your money on something, it makes you show up. Invest in a gym membership, workout class, private trainer, or online program (I heard Strive Program is pretty cool).

Buy New Workout Clothes

I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH. I don’t know who puts on a cute outfit and new pair of sneakers and doesn’t feel good! It really does put an extra pep in your step and amps up the workout. If you haven’t gotten new clothes in a while, try this one out.

Get a BOMB Playlist Together

Music is life when it comes to working out! There is nothing better than working out to your favorite hype song, feeling like you’re Rocky prepping for a fight. If you have trouble finding good music, check out Brandon Wade on Soundcloud. His mixes are my absolute favorite! Also, my workout playlist is linked below. Give it a follow if you want (warning: it’s allll over the place).

Have a Plan!

Just like you need plan to save money, to buy groceries, to have a night out…you need a plan to workout (successfully). A reason you may not feel motivated may be because you are confused and feel stuck. A plan could be as simple as:

Monday/Wednesday/Saturday – Lower body

Tuesday/Thursday – Upper body

If you are not sure what kind of plan or amount of reps you need to train, start this program and you can see all the different ways you can train and keep it interesting!

Understand that once you are there it WILL Get Easier

Overthinking and killing your excitement for training mentally will cause you to physically not show up. Remember how great you feel AFTER you workout. Remember how you don’t want to feel negatively anymore, and like you want to have a purpose. After you push through that and just show up, you might surprise yourself and end up training a lot longer than expected. Just start.

Write Down Your Goals

This is a huge one. Probably the biggest one of them all. Until you see your goals, wants, steps needed to take to get to those goals written out in front of you, it will be tough to be motivated. Go on a walk, clear your head, and sit down outside somewhere and just dream. Dream of what you picture your happiest self is like. Dream of your future and start planning out steps to get there. Write it, say it, hang it up, look at it, and repeat it. This is called manifesting. And it works!

Examples of getting specific with fitness goals:

Run 1 mile without stopping

Hip thrust 200 lbs by _____

Workout 3x/week the month of September

Keep them simple and achievable! Avoid goals like:

I want to weigh ____ by _____

I want to look like _______

Don’t eat _____ for a month

These goals are restricting and not focused on making you better and stronger. Avoid these mindsets at all cost.

You got this girl. Now get out there and kick BUTT.