My journey to fitness and Strive has been quite...challenging to say the least. Strive has been in my mind for a while not as a physical brand or program, but as my own concept that saved me from self destruction.

Where it began:

Dallas at 16 on Carnival Cruise Ship Destiny

I was on a cruise ship at 16 years old with my family when a woman approached my family and I asking if I had ever pursued modeling. I was completely thrown off, but being an avid watcher of America's Next Top Model, I was pretty excited. Long story short, somewhat, I ended up pursing modeling and moving to Chicago years later. My career didn't even technically start until I was able to shed some weight. Yes...I had to lose 2 inches on my hips and waist BEFORE they even wanted to sign me. I accepted the challenge and did just that, ate nothing and endlessly ran on the treadmill. I had always been the skinny girl in my school so it was quite a change analyzing my body and daily food intake.

I still hear the negative feedback from my agent of, "You have a boy's body", "Your thighs are too big", "You would work more if you lost a few inches", "You have back fat"...I mean I could keep going but might make this blog too long.

After a few months living in Chicago balancing a part time job, modeling, casting, and trying to make any friends, I was exhausted. My agents were never happy with my weight or body, I was lonely, and broke. The one thing I COULD control, however, was my food intake. I pretty quickly became an emotional eater and then slowly bulimic from trying to control my weight. I continued on that downward spiral for 4 more years.

My most self conscious year & worst of my eating disorder.

Where The Change Took Place:

I'm not exactly sure what really spiked my enthusiasm to quit that habit, but I do know I began researching bulimia and understanding the side effects more and more. It scared me. I didn't want my heart to give out, to have cancer, to lose my teeth, or to just feel that crappy anymore. Something had to change.

I began learning about working out FOR your body and using weights to help shape you into what would look best for modeling. I had never really weight lifted before, just ran. So I started working out (clueless on how to even train) and hoped for the best. Before anything physical happened, I began noticing something else: mental strength. When I would strength train, it made me feel good. When I felt good, I didn't want to binge & purge. I wanted to do good things for my body. 1, 2, 4 weeks would pass and I would go so long without an episode. I liked that.             I began to feel stronger mentally and finally physically.

After months and finally years, I knew what I was doing in the gym. I was getting compliments on looking strong and people started asking me for advice!! I was in shock. I eventually beat my eating disorder and never looked at food as the enemy. It was fuel, it was power, it was the answer to my prayers on getting out of that black hole I was in for so long.

Strive comes into play:

Fast forward to 2019, I dropped my verbally abusive agency, moved to LA, began fitness modeling, and was now a certified trainer.

I was in a Whole Foods and just thinking back to past Dallas who would dread grocery shopping and looking at all of the foods. I was wondering who else felt that way in the store and in the world. It made me want to share my story and help other women experiencing what I had experienced. I started to think of how I beat my disorder and noticed it was because I was working toward that goal each day, without putting so much pressure and time on myself. Then Strive came to mind as a name. I didn't know what I wanted to do with this story and my knowledge and experience, but I did know I should stick to my gut on this word.

Eventually, I managed to turn Strive into a 2 season podcast, Instagram page, E-book, personal training business, and now online program/blog to help women. I have so many plans and ideas for Strive and am excited to help as many women struggling with what I was going through in this process. I'm excited you are on this journey with me if you have read this far and I want nothing more than success and self love for you!

Thank you for reading. Happy Striving.